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Secure financing is essential. Those involved in the validation process need to be compensated for their work. In some cases it may be necessary to invest in equipment or other materials that are needed for carrying out the validation.

Questions for deeper reflection on financing:

  • Is the model for financing VPL sustainable and does it prevent fragmentation of VPL activities?

  • Does the financing cover all costs for the participating individual?

  • Are there differences in the financing of VPL within or outside the educational system?

  • Are there laws and legislation dealing with financing?


Indicators for financing:

  1. VPL has sustainable funding, which is in accordance with civil rights legislation and quality requirements if applicable.

  2. Coordinating bodies are funded on all levels of the educational system in relation to the VPL tasks performed.

  3. Funding for validation is not only directed at validation procedures in the formal education, but also at the non-formal sector.

Source: Validation and the value of competences. Road map 2018



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