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The purpose of the course is to introduce to participants the concept Validation of Prior Learning and train them in working on VPL in line with procedures that have been developed here in Iceland. 

The course is part of formalising the validation process, promoting quality and meeting an ever increasing demand. The course will cover a definition of the validation of prior learning, regulations, laws and implementation. The VPL procedures that have been developed in Iceland will be explained and analytical examples given to throw light on how the validation is conducted. An emphasis will be placed on active participation through discussions and group exercises designed to give participants the opportunity to develop their skills in validating real competences in a constructive and rightful manner and find ways to resolve differences of opinion. 

It is strongly recommended that all actors involved in validation process take part in a preparation course before any VPL project. It is of high importance and a necessity that all actors involved in the validation process come together and review methods and tools together, considering the self-assessment lists and other tools involved in a systematic way. 

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